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Smencils are gourmet scents pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers.
So, they smell good AND they're good for the planet. Smencil is a No.2 graphite pencil packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube and includes a
collectible character top cap!

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Sell-A-Thon Fundraiser

Is an online store, featuring our award-winning products, that you share with your students’ parents, family members, friends, & co-workers. The profits from all sales made during the Sell-A-Thon campaign go directly to your school. We process all the purchases and ship the orders to the homes of your supporters throughout the 48 contiguous States. Our job is to raise profits for your school.
Your job is easy…just promote it.

  1. Set Up a Sell-A-Thon Account.
  2. Promote We will send you full color take-home flyers.
  3. Inviting Family & Friends to Support Your Fundraiser.
  4. Products Are Sent Directly to Your Supporters.
  5. Your School Gets Funded.

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