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Bedtime Defenderz


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Bedtime Defenderz

Case of 10

When it’s time for lights out, nightmares better watch out! The Bedtime Defenderz team is on a mission to protect kids from the bad guys when it’s time to turn in for the night. Magnus is the leader, Bruno is the brawn, Lex is the heart & soul, El So√±ador is the scrapper, and Zigy is the speedster. Each of the 5 heroes is 10 inches tall and made with high quality plush material. They’re soft and tough (and also surface washable). Each Defender comes with a comic book to read at bedtime, along with a power band (slap bracelet) your youngster can use for role-play communicating with their Defender. Each one’s belt buckle also glows in the dark to ward off the bad guys so your little one can get to sleep easier. The Bedtime Defenderz are fighting at night, so you can sleep tight!

  • How well does the bedtime routine go at your home?!? The Bedtime Defenderz are here to help. They’re on a mission to protect kids from the ‚Äúbad guys‚Äù when it’s time for lights out.
  • The world’s first stuffed toy that makes the bedtime routine easier. Each sleep companion includes a comic book, power band slap bracelet, and glow-in-the-dark belt buckle.
  • Shine your phone’s flashlight on the Defender’s belt buckle for 5 seconds, then turn the lights off and let it glow for up to 15 minutes.
  • The team is made up of Magnus (the leader), Bruno (the brawn), Lex (the heart & soul), El Sonador (the scrapper), and Zigy (the speedster).
  • 10″ tall plush, ideal for kids aged 3-7.
  • When it’s time for lights out, nightmares better watch out!